Purposes and Functions

The Center for Unified Korean Future handles a variety of matters concerning exchange between South and North Korean youths and programs for experiencing unification in preparation for a unified Korea.

  • The Center (i) promotes projects involving exchange between South and North Korean youths; (ii) develops and runs programs for unification experience activities; (iii) develops and runs programs to promote communication between generations and social classes; and (iv) supports events held at the center such as interpersonal exchange programs between the two Koreas.

Preparing for the future of a unified Korea requires raising awareness of unification among young people.

  • The Center seeks to afford youths opportunities to change their attitude toward unification by providing hands-on experiences in a unified Korea in many ways, instead of merely talking about justification for unification in nebulous ways.
  • The Center intends to help young people overcome vague fear and indifference about unification.

Location and Facilities

The Center for Unified Korean Future is located at the area through which the 38th parallel, symbolic of national division, passes, and is on the central datum of the Korean peninsula. It is also on the opposite side of the spot where Imjin River and Hantan River merge and delineate a shape of the Korean peninsula. This location embodies the nation's yearning for inter-Korean unity and unification.

The Center is only an hour and a half drive from the Seoul. People can visit the site of unification and national security within about an hour to think deeply about love of country and patriotism while gazing out over the northern land on the other side of the barbed wire. The Center is also close to superb natural landscapes and many historical sites where visitors can enjoy Korea's rich historical and cultural heritage.

The Center is Korea's first government-run facility to experience unification. Visitors can enjoy a variety of facilities of the center including the Unified Future Experience Pavilion that provides hands-on, vivid experiences in a unified Korea, the education building with meeting rooms and an auditorium, the 472-person dormitory, the family village for family visitors, the gymnasium, the outdoor theater, the soccer field, and the campground.

Achievements and Future Plans

The Center fully supported the North Korean football team, which stayed at the center during its visit to South Korea to participate in the International Youth Football Tournament (Yeoncheon, November 2014). The Center made sure that the North Korean team could participate in the game without any difficulties.

Since its opening on November 12, 2014, the center has carried out unification experience programs on an ongoing basis to build leadership in youths at home and abroad for a unified Korea.

  • In 2014, a total of 3,401 persons from 23 schools and other organizations participated in the programs, and in 2015, various government-formulated unification experience education programs were run for youths and the general public, in which a total of 38,226 persons from 179 schools and other organizations participated.

In 2016, the center plans to run unification experience programs for 35,000 persons, and it will strive to develop key leaders for a unified Korea by further developing and customizing the programs.

  • To this end, the center will improve and update standard unification experience programs and develop new modules, and strengthen its cooperation with youth training institutions.

The Center will host and hold a variety of inter-Korean exchange events and international programs in sports, culture, and other areas in cooperation with government agencies and organizations, depending on the progress in inter-Korean relations.

The Center will also build more experience facilities to meet the growing demand for them, including a basketball court and foot volleyball court this year, a Korean peninsula tour hall over the mid- and long-term, and a second experience pavilion and a convention center for family re-unions.

How to Apply to Use Facilities

Facilities of the center can be used for unification experience programs or rented.

For the sake of users' safety, the facilities are available only to schools and organizations.

  • Foreigners and Korean youths living abroad can apply to use the facilities as a group.

Reservations can be made by calling the reservation helpline for each program.

  • For reservations for program participation, call 031-839-7932 or write to the contact person at uni-future@unikorea.go.kr.
  • For reservations for renting, call 031-839-7925, or write to the contact person at unification@unikorea.go.kr.